About CAT

In the early years, CAT was only a pioneer in professional work-wear industry, originally providing work wear to ensure safety for Catepillar’s own engineers and mechanics. Along with time, CAT’s workwear started to draw increasing public’s attention with its stable and high quality. Empowered by the strong momentum of its increasing customer base, CAT started to develop fresh production line of footwear and apparel to fulfil more CAT’s fans.

In 2019, CAT fully upgraded its apparel production line and successively launched two work-wear styles of products in classic and fashion characteristics. In the mean time, CAT absorbed the younger and more creative talents to bring new energy into its upgraded apparel production line. CAT’s future-tech development philosophy is to develop work-wear products with strong sense of future-tech. Currently, CAT’s footwear and apparel are booming both online and offline, and its stores has opened in major mainstream shopping malls and e-commerce platforms in China.

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